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What My Clients Say

"Every session moves me forward in accomplishing my goals. Elizabeth’s approach is direct, smart, and immediately useful."
- L.C.
"A career in art is really difficult to navigate. After the first session, I was extremely impressed by Elizabeth's ability to brainstorm. As a sole proprietor, it's really nice to have someone to bounce ideas off and keep me on track!"
- L.L.
"During our sessions, Elizabeth helped me discover my values and lay a foundation for how I make future choices and balance different aspects of my life. With Elizabeth’s insights and kind, unwavering, and creative approach to coaching, I have learned so much about myself. She is a thoughtful and responsive coach who listens deeply and is able to offer exercises that have guided me to see new possibilities and make tangible goals. I feel more confident and inspired about the new path I have chosen and use the techniques that Elizabeth has shared to build new habits and priorities. My life is so much more connected, fun, and energized as a result of my coaching sessions with Elizabeth."
- G.G.
"I began working with Elizabeth when I decided (finally!) to make significant changes in my professional life. Elizabeth has been a steady navigator, listening to my doubts/concerns and encouraging me to see situations in a different – and more positive -- light.  She asks simple and direct questions in our sessions, and I always leave with a sense of renewed focus and commitment.  I so appreciate having Elizabeth with me on this journey, motivating me to travel further & faster than I ever would have alone."
- M.H.
"I reached out to Elizabeth for coaching when I was at a crossroads in my career.  Her clear, concise coaching helped me clarify my decision-making and was invaluable to helping me navigate a difficult, but fulfilling, period.  I would highly recommend her services."
- D.L.
"When I came to Elizabeth I was feeling scattered and lost in my chosen career. With her clear and concise questions, activities, conversations, and positivity she helped me get on the right path. Through her coaching I learned what to focus on and what to let go. She helped me to see more clearly and with this new vision I was able to rekindle joy within my work and found success."
- J.K.
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